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Now you smell it...

Let’s face it… sometimes the best things in life can stink.

Now you smell it... Now you don't.

Simply Point. Spray. Sniff. The odor is gone.

Extended Odor Control

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The Best Extended Odor Control On The Market

The WHOLE Uniform

Everyone knows uniforms can stink, but when you’re responsible for keeping your favorite athlete from stinking up the field or court, you know there’s a lot more to it. Just Point. Spray. Sniff, odors away on all equipment, clothes, and gear.

All Sports Stink

From Smart Weights to Dumbbells, and gloves, helmets, and pads, Sport Fresh makes stuff smell-less, no matter what your game.

No Matter How Big or Small

If you need to Stop Stink Now, 8 oz. of Sport Fresh goes a long way. If your gym or studio has a lot more stink to stop, get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

Our Products

Sport Fresh

Extended Odor Control

There is an indescribable funk that comes from sweat. From pedestrian workout clothes to the hardcore stink in athletic uniforms and equipment, Sport Fresh is no namby-pamby odor cover-up, it’s designed specifically to destroy odor and defend against its return.

Works on everyday stinky shoes, too.

Stop Stink Now with Sport Fresh.





Sport Fresh Outdoor

Extended Odor Control

Who needs Sport Fresh Outdoor?

  • If you don’t want that trophy buck or other game to smell your clothes or gear
  • If you don’t want your family to smell your lucky fishing clothes after a long weekend at the lake
  • If your tent and camping gear stink after storing
  • If your boat stinks after storage
  • If you just can’t get the stink out of the live well on your boat
  • If your hiking boots can’t even be stored in the garage because they stink so bad

Stop Stink Now with Sport Fresh Outdoor







Bestie Fresh

Extended Odor Control

The unconditional love you get from your pets can get a little “funky” from time to time. Whether it’s from accidents or just their natural effervescence, get the funk out of the furniture, their bedding, cages, or litter boxes. Bestie Fresh works its magic. Just follow the directions. Point. Spray. Sniff.

Stop Stink Now with Bestie Fresh.





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